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Raw materials & Shipping

We offer our customers physical supply and risk management solutions in global markets. This includes:

  • raw aspartame
  • iron ore
  • copper
  • manganese
  • niobium
  • scrap metal
  • aluminum
  • raw rice
  • zirconium
  • molybdenum
  • aspartame
  • crude sunflower oil
  • abrasive carborundum
  • silicon carbide
  • green silicon carbide
  • black fused alumina
  • calcined white aumina
  • coking coal
  • damascus steel
  • steel bilets
  • chromite sand
  • zircon flour
  • sponge iron
  • artificial graphite
  • maple wood
  • red oak wood
  • black walnut wood
  • white oak wood
  • manchurian ash wood
  • elm timber
  • sonokeling
  • ebiara wood
  • acacia boards
  • faro daniellia wood
  • ovengkol
  • doussine wood

As a supplier and exporter in the commodities market, we help you manage volatility and increase profitability through tailored physical supply and financial solutions.

Our integrated supply chain combined with financial risk management and technical expertise guarantee you reliable supplies.

You can rest assured everything is taken care of and focus on growing your business.

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As a well-established company with a 30 + years of industry experience, we offer you our unique insight into the market trends. This gives your business greater predictability and an unbeatable advantage in the market.