We are happy to offer you an all-around service. This includes the hand-selected products & the best shipping terms in the market. From start to finish, your company’s needs are our guiding light and we ensure that you receive what you need at the right time & at the right terms.

As prices for our products fluctuate, you will need to submit an inquiry with your requirements. We will then send you a quote estimate.

how to start an order


Request For Quotation / Order

The first step is to send us a request for quotation with details about the type of product, quantity, port of delivery & more. We will send you a quotation that is valid for a specified time. The second way is to send us an order right away. This is most common when you know exactly what product you want, in what quantity and so on.


Confirmation & Sales Agreement

After we have received your order you will receive a confirmation of acceptance. Once all details in your order have been arranged, you will enter a written sales contract with us of which we will exchange two copies electronically.



Once all paperwork has been signed and exchange we send you a final invoice including shipping and insurance costs. Invoices are generally due within 14 days and must be paid in full up-front.



Payments are made by Sepa/Swift to our bank account. It is important to remember that we can only accept payments from corporate bak accounts and only from reputable jurisdictions. If in doubt, please get in touch.



Once the payment has cleared, your order will dispatch within the time frame stated per product. Lead times are rough estimates and deviate sometimes, which means your order is often shipped faster than stated. All of our estimates are conservative to give you a basic idea of the time required to fulfill your order. As shipment commences, you will receive the necessary documentation to clear the delivery once it reaches your port of destination. When you are working with your own freight forwarder we will arrange the proper transfer of papers together.

Generally, orders will be sent by ocean freighters, but when certain products are considered light in weight they may be sent by air.



When your shipment arrives in the port of destination it will be unloaded and ready to be either collected by you or by a freight frowarder of your choice.



In order to ensure absolute customer satisfaction, we like to check in to ensure the goods showed up as intended. We are available for you at all times by email and phone.

Like you, we prefer to focus on what we do best. By providing you with the right products at the best terms, you can focus on your core tasks. We take care of the rest.

Get what you want when you need it - without problems.


High Quality Standards

Our inventory is constantly subjected to stringent quality tests. We put the highest demands on products & supplies to satisfy your requirements.

Customer Satisfaction

You are the reason we are in business. Your satisfaction is central to what we do & we strive every day to ensure that you get the right products at the right terms in time.

Peace of Mind

With freight and insurance taken care of, you can rest assured that your order is in the best hands. With a collective industry experience of more than 30 years, Port Sigurd Intl. is your go-to partner for waste management equipment.