African Sipo Hardwood [Excellent Quality for Flooring]

Lead Time

15 Days

Minimum Order Qty

20 Cubic Meters

Delivery Time

22 to 32 Days

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Sipo Mahogany is an African wood that is considered to be the closest, aesthetically, to Genuine Mahogany.

It’s interlocked grains are akin to other African woods and generally produce a characteristic contrasting light-dark / two-toned sort of appearance, when quartersawn — which can be visually stunning in the case of more chatoyant boards.

The fact that the wood is considerably easier to work, with less tearout, than African Mahogany and possesses a hardness that places Sipo between it (African Mahogany) and Genuine Mahogany has seen it transcend from relative obscurity to become a quite popular and highly regarded “mahogany substitute” wood, presently.

Aesthetically, the wood is similar, also, to its African first cousin, Sapele (with both being species of the Entandrophragma genus) — although Sipo is more pourous, and has richer color.


Sipo makes a really great mahogany substitute, with nice color and stunning aesthetics, when quartersawn.



Place of Origin Gabon
Timber Type sawn lumber or round logs
Product name Sipo timber
Size Customized accoridng to your requirements
Color Natural color
Technics Sliced Cut
Sliced Effect Smooth and Clean
Usage Furniture, Decoration, Wooden Floor
Air-dry density 0.67g/cm

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