High Quality HMS 1 and 2 TJ [Used Rails, R 50 - R 65]

Lead Time

15 Days

Minimum Order Qty

200 Tonnes

Delivery Time

22 to 32 Days

Shipping Terms



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High quality rails sourced from fully authorized suppliers who adhere to strict corporate and legal governance.

The rails are in good condition, clean and ready to be processed.


R50 – R65 – IRSI CODES

The rails weigh approx. 50 pounds per yard and are separated into peiecs that measure 6 meters each. The material itself is ideal for being reworked into bars and various other shapes. The raisl are clean and free from any non-ferrous resideus, rust or other impurities.

Shipped in neatly arranged bundles secured with iron wire, which can be used as lifting hooks when loading the bundles. Indiidual bundles do not exceed 5 Metric tons and can easily be handled by standard lifting machinery.


Chemical Composition

Carbon 0, 54 – 0,82
Silicon 0,18-0,40
Manganese 0, 60-1, 05
Phosphorus 0,035 max As.: 0, 01 max of Mass share


  • Norms: R-50 GOST7173-75 & R-65 GOST-8165-75
  • The scrap material consists of R-50 (51, 67 kg/m) R-65 (64,72 kg/m)


The rails can be cut into any length you want – we can help you accommodate them to any shipping methods you wish.

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