Molybdenum Tube

High quality molybdenum tube, extremely heat resistant

Lead Time

10 Days

Minimum Order Qty

20 kg

Delivery Time

22 to 32 Days

Shipping Terms



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Molybdenum tube and pipe can be used under temperature up to 1,800 degrees, in components of electron tube, heaters of high-temperature furnaces and thermocouple retainers, etc. Moly tube can also be used as a rotary targets for coating, which is widely used in solar industries.

We provide Moly tube from forged rods and sintering directly. Mo tube with OD smaller than 60mm are mostly machined and gun drilled from forged rod, tube with larger diameter are sintered per size directly. The process methods of tubes and crucibles are always for saving cost and according to customer’s requirement.

The smallest tube we can carry is 0.187″ outer diameter with 0.025″ wall thickness, largest can be with 500mm outer diameter. We can also provide TZM alloy tube and Mo-La alloy tubing, but with a more narrow size range. The hardness of TZM Alloy is higher and it’s harder to be machined. Minimum OD for TZM alloy tube and Mo-La tube is 10mm, length will be limited according to OD and wall thickness.


Specification for our Moly tube

Item Name Molybdenum tube
Material Mo, 99.95%
Size 0.187″-20″ OD, 106″ max length.
Max Length: 3000mm for molybdenum tube as single piece
Process Sintered, gun drilling
Surface Finish turning for outer surface, Drilling for inner surface


We can also provide welding molybdenum tube and riveting molybdenum tubing that is made by molybdenum sheet and molybdenum strip. This kind of large molybdenum tubes are used as molybdenum heat shielding.

Packaging for our molybdenum tube

The standard package for molybdenum tube, TZM Alloy Tube, Mo-La alloy tube is wooden crate, so that the molybdenum tube can be protected during handling and transportation.



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