Nitinol Wire [Titanium]

High quality nitinol wire [Titanium]

Lead Time

10 Days

Minimum Order Qty

20 kg

Delivery Time

22 to 32 days

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We deliver nitinol wire (nickel titanium alloy wire) in various grades of nickel-titanium alloy (Nitinol) commonly used in medical applications as well for other various applications.

Medical grade Nitinol material comprises nickel and titanium in nearly equal atomic weight percentages; per ASTM F2063, a nickel content of 54.5-57 wt% is specified for using in surgical implants. Nitinol (nickel titanium alloy) with different compositions and phase transformation temperature can be used for other applications.


Specifications for our shape memory wire and superelastic alloy wire

Product Name Nitinol wire
Specification ASTM F2063-12
Af Temp. -10°C to 120°C
Size 0.004”-0.2” Diameter x L Regular wire, 0.1mm min diameter
Surface Black, Pickled, Polished (Dia.>0.04”)
Available Shape Straight, Coils, On Spools
Applications Dental braces, Stent, Fishing wire, Springs, etc.
Other wire type Square wire, rectangular wire, Multi-strand nitinol wire and other customized shape


We provide nitinol round wire, flat wire with different Af (-10°C to 120°C). We now have the capacity of making nitinol wire maintain super-elasticity at -10°C.


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