Solid Wood of Ebiara [Premium Quality Supply]

Lead Time

16 Days

Minimum Order Qty

20 Cubic Meters

Delivery Time

22 to 32 Days

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  • Color/Appearance: Heartwood color ranges from golden yellow brown to a deeper reddish brown, frequently with darker black streaks and stripes. Paler sapwood is clearly demarcated from the heartwood.
  • Grain/Texture: Grain tends to be interlocked, though it can be straight. With a fairly coarse texture and good natural luster.
  • Endgrain: Diffuse-porous; solitary and radial multiples; large to very large pores in no specific arrangement, very few; yellowish deposits occasionally present; parenchyma vasicentric, lozenge, winged, and marginal; narrow rays, spacing fairly close.
  • Rot Resistance: Varies with species, but is generally rated as moderately durable; good insect resistance, though sapwood is vulnerable to ambrosia and powder post beetles.
  • Workability: Generally easy to work with hand or machine tools, though planing or surfacing interlocked grain may result in tearout, particularly on quartersawn surfaces. Glues, turns, and finishes well.



Place of Origin Angola
Type Solid Wood Boards
Product name Ambila timber
Species Fresh Timber
Grade First-class, AA/AB
Size Custom
Color Natural Color
Technics Sliced Cut
Surface Smooth and Clean
Usage Furniture, Decoration, Wooden Floor


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